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Big Blue Conservation - Big Blue Resort

Big Blue diving resort consists of 36 rooms, a restaurant and bar, the diveshop and the office. To truly be an Eco-friendly resort, we have aspired to carry out environmental practices. Such current practices include:

  • Provide recycling points at throughout the dive school premises and vessels.
  • No fishing, fish-feeding, spear fishing, or collection of any organisms
  • Provide clearly marked receptacles for waste on boats including cigarette butts, and dispose of receptacles appropriately
  • Use proposed moorings at all dive sites
  • Avoid taking resort divers and open water students who have not yet demonstrated proficiency in buoyancy directly over corals or other fragile marine environments or habitats
  • Participate in local environmental projects
  • Discourage divers from applying suncream directly before entering the water, instead apply no later than an hour before.
  • Provide environmental dive briefings and points of awareness for divers

Future projects include:

  • Construct an artificial wetland on the waste river that runs close to the resort to clean the grey water
  • Conduct regular ecological monitoring surveys or the surrounding coral reefs
  • Improve the waste water management through advance rain collection system
  • Provide reusable receptacles for food and drinks and linen bags to replace plastic and foam packaging
  • Run environmental awareness programmes for local schoolchildren and communities

And with trees all over the place, we're as green as can be!