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Being an Eco Diver can mean different things to different people. It could simply mean that you have an interest in learning about marine life and conserving it or you may be interested in a career in diving and marine conservation. Big Blue Marine Conservation offers a wide variety of courses and internships to meet these different objectives.

Speciality Courses

We offer an extensive range of SSI and PADI Speciality Courses aimed at developing your diving skills (such as Buoyancy, Navigation and Photography) as well as increasing your knowledge of the marine environment (such as Project AWARE Specialty, Shark Diver, Ecological Monitoring Programme and CoralWatch).


A rock is not just a rock underwater, it's covered in sponges, coral hydroids and other invertebrates all working together in harmony. Imagine being able to identify and understand the underwater life you see - you will see so much more out of every fun dive. Also, improving your dive skillls through performance specialities (such as Buoyancy and photography specialities) can make your dives much more enjoyable and rewarding. So if you plan to continue your diving education while you're here, we offer a range of packages tailored to your desires, and in combination will improve your diving skills and experience significantly. Packages range in cost, time commitment and level of detail but all our packages offer a substantial discount from the individual prices.


For those with a longer time on the island and a passionate interest in the marine environment we are in the process of designing a one month marine expedition. They will typically include full diving courses to Advanced open water (or other courses if you already have this qualification), marine biology training, some fun diving and a greater chance to get involved in the projects we're running. Please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information and prices.

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Conservation Internships

Fancy learning all about the underwater realm, learning to dive, and carry out life-changing conservation work in a tropical paradise? Whether you are looking for a life experience you won’t forget, a career break, gap year, improving you CV, starting a career in conservation, voluntary work abroad or just simply looking to broaden your horizons and try something new and exciting, we have the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

The main objective of Big Blue Conservation is to do as much as we can to ensure that the island remains undisturbed by the growing tourism and that the marine life is here in Koh Tao for future generations to enjoy. As well as working closely with Save Koh Tao on larger projects such as Buoyancy World and Bio Rock, we are implementing a range of smaller projects such as coral nurseries and a constructed wetland to help clean the islands grey water, as well as contributing to global research studying the impact of climate change on this beautiful environment.

In order to achieve these goals, Big Blue Conservation depends on dedicated and trained teams of volunteers to help construct, maintain, monitor and develop our projects. So whether you are looking to try something new, gain life experiences, develop a career in conservation, or just fancy a break from the norm, our month-long expeditions will train you from never having dived before to knowing how to identify marine life and grow corals.
We offer month-long Marine conservation internships several times a year, where you will receive advanced training on all things watery, including coral reef biology, underwater survey training, coral nursery construction and artificial reef maintenance. Does this sound exciting??

Click on the articles below to find out more about our internship. Alternatively, if you have any questions, just send us an  email.

Specialty Courses

At Big Blue we offer a wide range of both PADI, SSI, BSAC, and SDI speciality courses aimed specifically at those who are interested in marine conservation. Some of the courses are specifically conservation based but some are aimed at improving your diving skills in order to minimise accidental damage underwater or offer the opportunity to learn skills that may be used in conducting research.


We offer a range of discounted packages for combinations of courses. These range from introductory 2 day packages to ones covering several weeks, allowing you to choose based on level of interest, budget and time available.

Further Dive Training