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Big Blue Conservation - Specialty Courses

SC PBWeak buoyancy skills cause a huge amount of accidental damage to marine life. This course is ideal for any diver who wants to improve diving skills and at the same time wants to reduce the risk of them causing accidental damage to the reef. Improving your buoyancy skills means that you can get a closer look at the marine life without worrying about bumping into things. This course also helps improve your underwater photography skills by teaching you how move slower or even stop in the water. Having good buoyancy control also improves your air consumption.

SC PVThe world of diving opens up a completely new fascinating world and the best way to capture your memories is by taking photographs. The Digital Underwater Photography specialty course teaches you about the equipment required, how to take care of equipment, the special considerations about taking photographs underwater and which settings on your camera will take the best shots.

SC marine eco certThe underwater world is a fascinating place but becomes much more intriguing once you know more about the marine life you're loking at - or even knowing what you're looking at! This course teaches you about the different sorts of life and intricate relationships that make up these beautiful ecosystems.

SC LVDiving opens up a new and exciting world but it can be a confusing place in limited visibility and at night when we can’t use our usual senses to guide us. This course teaches the principals of being safe but still being able to enjoy diving in more difficult conditions.

Shark Eco certSharks have always captivated the attention of mankind, for centuries. This Program will help you to seperate fact from fiction and learn the truth about these fascinating creatures. You will learn how to react properly when diving or snorkelling with Sharks.

Experience the fascination of Sharks in an unforgettable way! Divers and non-divers have the chance to find out more about Sharks..