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Charity Valentine Auction

Over the years we have looked at many ways to raise money for charity, that would still be fun and exciting to the audience, sponsored swims, and shaves, even quizzes, however I can proudly say that from the photos and the total amount raised that our pre valentine auction has topped all our expectations.  The event took place the night before valentine, as the catch line, was to buy or be bought by your valentine sweet heart for the following evening of romance.One of the many Bachelors

The event was in aid of two charities, one local and one global, both of which will put the funds to great use. Our local charity was the Koh Tao Noistar Animal Clinic, with only one registered vet and assistant, paid on a basic salary, the clinic always welcomes donated funds, which can help improve the facilities available, for not only the homed but, also the many homeless animals on Koh Tao. We thank them constantly for the great job they do.Koh Tao Animal clinic receiving their donation

The global charity we chose was Sea Shepherd, a well-known organisation that prides itself in doing what others can’t in order to save the lives of innocent wildlife.  In specific the funds raised will be going to the Cove Guardians segment of the organisation, their role, well to publicize constantly the barbaric acts that happen for 9 months of the year at Taiji Bay Japan, where thousands of dolphins are either captured for life imprisonment or butchered for their meat.

As the event was a great success I would like to personally thank the community for pulling together,

Thanks guys you did a great job and we applaud you.

 THANKS! Shepherd logo

Restoration of the Big Blue Lizard

Approximately 5 years ago, the dive schools here on Koh Tao, united to create an artificial reef area, that could not only be used for training, but also a haven for corals and fish to flourish, this site was ample known as Buoyancy world, located just South of koh nang yuan.Restoring the artificial lizard

Over the years the site has taken great pressure off the neighbouring naturally formed site Twins, and has been used by many schools, for different types of diver training.

However the years have taken their toll on certain structures that were created, and they have broken or deteriorated.  This has left then unappealing and unsafe for divers wanting to get close.Lizard missing its head

So a few of Big Blue's Instructors, Dive master and Dive master trainees got together and came up with a way to mend Big Blue's structure, restoring its former glory, and making it safe for divers to get up close and see the life growing within and outside.

So Well Done Guys, you did a great job, lets’ keep saving the seas!A team photo

The end of Monsoon!

So we finally have it, calm, clear waters, and then the abundance of fish life doesn't dissapoint, from Barracuda's to Trevalleys, these calm waters have been blessed with an influx in strong dominant fish that to the eye seem magneficent in the way they patrol the waters around Chumphon Pinnacle. 2

We all know the importance of diversity within the ocean and to sea species from higher levels on the food chain thriving, leaves hope for the species below, and above in this diverse web of creatures. 

If you've ever wondered the role in which each species plays in the ocean, how they unnoticeable work together, and how as an individual you can help preserve this magical place, then join us for the BSAC Marine Conservation course, 5 lectures, 5 dives filled with skills that will make your next fun dive a totally fullfilling experince, thanks to the your new found knowledge. 500

Keep Saving the Seas!

Shark Guardian Big Blue presentaion

Here at Big Blue we had the great privilege of having Brendon from Shark Guardians, visit us and give our staff and customers a highly educational and influential presentation on the importance Sharks have in our delicately balanced ecosystem and how, as divers we can help their efforts to protect and preserve these marvellous creatures, from near extinction.Brendon giving Big Blue staff and customers a presentation, on work they day.

Sharks have been evolving for over 400 million years, and are one of the oldest predators within our oceans, branching into over 400 different species, of which a quarter of those species are classed as endangered or extinct by the ICUN database.

Working alongside organisations like the Shark Guardians, we aim to help preserve and protect these iconic apex predators, as an ocean without sharks would be a very unhealthy ocean, they keep everything in check, they are literally ‘Our Ocean Guardians’.

If you have read some of our blogs regarding the Shark Guardians, and would like to know how you can get involved well, I have left below some helpful links.

Become an ISSA International student shark ambassador, spreading the word on the importance of our ocean guardians.

Help by logging your recent and old shark sightings around Thailand, the data collected is being used to express to the Thai government that we are seeing a decline in shark numbers in their waters, and they need to act now in protecting them, before it’s too late. shark spotted near Chumphon Pinnacle Koh Tao

Or put your photography skills to the test and help us identify an individual Whale shark, by taking a levelled focused picture of the shark between the pectoral and dorsal fin, where we can identify the shark by the location of its spots.

Help us help them, guard our oceans!

So let’s look at what Big Blue Conservation has been up to over the last 12 months.

Big Blue conservation aim to continuelly clean and care for Koh Tao's surrounding marine habitat, with monthly beach cleans and net remavals, however we don't stop their, we started with a bit of investigation, exploring the Islands various artificial reefs, to then start work on our own coral nursery that continues to blossom.

We then had our annual amateur photography competition which was popular amongst locals and visitors, raising money for Shark artificial reef 2

Then came the Koh Tao festival an opportunity for our dedicated staff to expresses their artistic skill, and co-ordination, performing a well-rehearsed dance routine.  Go guys!

Not long after we finished our dance off we swam for some sharks, in our annual swim for sharks, an event where those that wish can test their strength with a swim around the Koh Nanuang islands, or those wanting a well needed hair cut can with our shave for sharks. During this event we raised over 100,000 baht for shark conservation, and became a well-deserved Shark Guardian recognised dive school.

After this the year wasn’t over quite yet for Big Blue conservation, we took it upon themselves to continue developing their coral nursery as well as educating others on the importance of marine conservation.race s4s 70 x 52

Now we come to the final period of 2014 and we thought let’s make it more festive and fun than usual, working with local school children we designed marine based Christmas cards that were sold with great success across the island, raising money for the local schools.

Finally we tested everyone’s Christmas knowledge with a quiz that raised money for the local animal clinic, giving to those animals that don’t seem to have that constant love!Selling christmas cards 500x281

So I would say in all quite a successful year and hope 2015 brings us more reasons to thank the great Mother Nature and look forward to ways in which we can conserve our great environment!