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Charity Quiz

Every month we organize a full moon pub quiz, for those that stay on our beautiful island instead of venturing south for the world famous Koh Phangan full moon beach party.  Its main purpose was to entertain the local ferangs, however we decided to put all that good natured effort to good use, and so we incorporated a charity into the mix. Giving half of the entry money raised to the winners and half to the charity we select to sponsor that month.animal clinic 2

This month’s charity was local and here on the island we are very grateful for its existence, the Koh Tao Noistar Animal Clinic, which takes care of not only the residences pets but also the stray animals with very little in terms of comforts. The clinic gets very little support from the government, for all the work they do, so they rely primarily on support from organised events, that occur here or the UK.animal clinic 3

This month we were able to raise 5,000bht for the clinic that will go towards nurturing all the stray cats and dogs, as well as tendering to any of common injuries found on the island, such as mange.  If you wish to donate a small amount to this cause, please follow the link below. animal clinic 12

Development of Sairee's new reef.

Coming into the end of high season here on Koh Tao, means you generally slow down, however here at Big Blue Conservation, we did nothing of the sort. The beginning of the month was spent expanding our knowledge in ecology and diving, along with data collecting and research training. Although towards the end of the month that’s when the hard work did start, we had some relocating of some of our original reef structures, plus the development of the newer ones. Aim was to build, position and cover then cover the structures in new colonies, by the end of the month, and as you can see from the pictures we did just that.
Irene adding to the structure

artificial reef 1

Questions are asked as to why put metal and concrete structures, into the ocean, essentially adding to the clutter left by humans every day. Well the answer is to provide a home and shelter in a barren land, sometimes nature just needs a pick me up a helping hand. By building structures that then become covered in vast species of coral, we ultimately create shelter for a variety of marine life, great and small.

new structure 2



13th September 2014

Visiting the nurseryinterns cleaning the structures

Here at Big Blue diving we strive to do our part in helping this beautiful island stay amazing, whether from cleaning the beaches and reefs, to even encouraging new life in areas of desolation.  Just off from Sairee beach we have been developing to coral nurseries, one at 6 meters and another newer nursery at 12 meters, both have artificail structures which will encourage the growth of many coral species.  Yesterday the team at Big Blue Conservation, went out to our shallow nursery to remove the excess alae growing on the structures, and take care of general maitenence of the structures.  We were also able to find some small healthy coral specimens that we were able to add to the structures, hoping it will in the future blossom. 

The location for the nursery was chosen, because it seemed to be a deserted area, however now thanks to the nursery there are hermit crabs, and nudibranches all eaching the shelter the structures offer from predators, and to help in our efforts we even saw some parrot fish do their part in cleaning.  It was a privilige to also see a reasonable sized anemone fish family near by. All in all it was a lovely afternoon of cleaning.saddle back anemone fish near nursery

Cleaning Sairee Beach and Hin Wong Baycleaning sairee beach

Well every month we try to relieve the Island of its clutter, by doing a beach and reef clean-up, with the help of our amazing volunteers. And last month was no exceptions, with over 20 volunteers, we were able remove all the damaging substances from Koh Tao's busy Sairee beach, before they slipped into the ocean, causing more damage. For the reef clean we went to Hin Wong Bay, a bay on first appearances seems to be free of any trash, as the bay was almost deserted, however once we descended beneath the surface, we found an abundance of damaging trash, that could have been washed in or simply tossed overboard by inconsiderate captains, and their crew.  However by the end of the day our trash bags were full and we all felt the day was highly rewarding.bags of trash


Good job guys!

SAVE OUR SEAS!clean up volunteers

Taiji Bay (The Cove)

Here it comes again the event all animal lovers hate, every year in Japan thousands of Dolphins are killed for their meat and a select few captured for human entertainment. The meat is full of high levels of mercury, which can be toxic to small children.dolphins trapped

The Dolphins that naturally migrate towards the coast for food, are herded in to a bay where they are then stopped from escaping my nets across the bay, and their fate is then in the hands of the killers, carrying knives and spears.  A few will survive only to then be forced to live in a small tank for the rest of their lives, trained to entertain humans with their tricks, all of which cruel in its own right.

So all I ask is that you open your eyes, to this disaster of human behaviour, I commend the work of Sea Sheperd and Ric O’Barry, in their efforts to stop this, and only wish by spreading the word via facebook and our web page, I can help in a small way.

Please visit there pages to see the progress they are making, along with the difficulties they face every day.Dolphin Murder