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Coping with disaster

After a joyous festive season, the gulf of Thailand was hit by severe rain fall. Leading to mass flooding throughout the south of Thailand, and including our small little paradise island of Koh Tao.

The rain hit hard and fast, too much for the infrastructure of the island to cope with, as a result creating flash floods that engulfed the lower areas of the island.  Homes, businesses, and beaches were completed devastated by the floods. The floods January 2017

This lead to mass damage and garbage run off, that if left unattended good of resulted in permanent damage to the surrounding environment.

So we needed to come together as a community and restore the island to its former glory.   This took time and the help of many volunteers both local and tourists, working together we did land clean ups and ocean clean ups for several days after the rains had subsided.

The island has now recovered and so we have a happy ending, however that is not always the case for others hit around the world by unusual weather tragedies.

These strange weather occurrences have become more frequent in recent years, as a result in the overall rise in atmospheric temperature.  Global Warming!  A significant rise in temperature can alter ocean currents, ultimately altering weather patterns that can lead to some of the extreme weather disasters we are seeing today.Eco day land clean up January 2017

So how could we prevent this tragedy from occurring again?  Well as we continue to burn fossil fuels and destroy our oceans and rain forests, there is little we can do as a population. However as an individual just by walking to work, eating less meat, and saving water you’re already helping so much. 

Get Involved Koh Tao

We were recently able to join in with this great monthly event, that brings the whole community together for conservation. Dive professionals, and professionals in training come together from all over Koh Tao, for a morning of conservation theory, topics including Coral reef biology, anatomy, and coral reef conservation. clean up dive get involved eco day November 2016

The afternoon fun then includes the options of underwater clean ups, beach clean ups, Drupella snail collection, and even artificial reef building. Allowing people to learn more about conservation, and how they can get involved to help.  

We then all come together on an evening to exchange stories, of how the day went, and what to look forward to next month.

Thanks to everyone that got involved, and saved the SEAS!

drupella snail collection on get involved eco day 2016


Shark Day!

Educating the next generation, is possible the most important thing we could do to ensure the success of all our conservation efforts, so after the great success of Swim 4 Sharks. swim 4 sharks kids 2

As apex predators, sharks play an important role in the ecosystem by maintaining the species below them in the food chain and serving as an indicator for ocean health. They help remove the weak and the sick as well as keeping the balance with competitors helping to ensure species diversity.swim 4 sharks kids 4

The team at Big Blue Conservation joined by the founders of Shark Guardian, visited the local junior school, and had a fun filled shark day with the children from presentations, to games, to water melon sharks, in one day. 

The future

Looking at the big picture, what happens when were gone. The Planet will undoubtedly out live the human race, however the question is more what would be left for the generations to come. The rate of habitate and species loss has increased dramatically over past 40 years, predicting that 70% of wild animals could be extinct by the end of this decade.Turtle conservation

We were recently joined by a school trip from Hong kong, during the trip they participated in Scuba Diving courses, Conservation lectures, and even helped with a local beach clean. 

Facts that may change your look on life, one being educating the next generation on our failures and ways they could do better, must be one of the most important tasks ahead.

“We owe at least this much to future generations, from whom we have borrowed a fragile planet called Earth”

Maurice Strong

A job that must have the upmost importance, if we are to save the world we live in……..Kids beach clean


So we our happy to announce another fantastic event, and a new grand total of 150,000 THB ( 5,600 AUD ) was achieved, and will nw be going towards Shark conservation projects worldwide, via, our two designated charities, s4sgroup2016

Shark Guardian Thailand

Sea Shepherd Austaralia

Each organisation will receive a substantial sum, that can be used towards the ongoing Shark projects they have running. 

As for the day itself, I am more than happy to suggest fun was had by all, despite a liitle turbulunt weather, the swimmers had fun, raising large quantities, of sponsorship, whilst also bringing a great atmosphere to the event, plus joined by a great bunch as support staff, that made the day run smoothly and effortlessly.

Then the evening was nothing other than a great party, for all with music from our local DJ Bryan, and raffle filled with awesome prizes, plus the legendary Shave 4 Sharks, where we had plenty of willing volunteers that changed their look for the sharks, keeping the total going up throughout the eveining. 

Sharks play such an important role in the oceans, and if we lose the oceans, we lose everything, so by pretecting Sharks, we our looking after the well being of our future.

"No Blue

No Green

No Water 

No Life"

Sylvia Earle

I would finnaly like say a huge thank you to our sponsors:s4steam2016

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Without support from our local community none of this woul have bee possibe, so THANK YOU!