Big Blue Conservation - 2nd January

Coping with disaster

After a joyous festive season, the gulf of Thailand was hit by severe rain fall. Leading to mass flooding throughout the south of Thailand, and including our small little paradise island of Koh Tao.

The rain hit hard and fast, too much for the infrastructure of the island to cope with, as a result creating flash floods that engulfed the lower areas of the island.  Homes, businesses, and beaches were completed devastated by the floods. The floods January 2017

This lead to mass damage and garbage run off, that if left unattended good of resulted in permanent damage to the surrounding environment.

So we needed to come together as a community and restore the island to its former glory.   This took time and the help of many volunteers both local and tourists, working together we did land clean ups and ocean clean ups for several days after the rains had subsided.

The island has now recovered and so we have a happy ending, however that is not always the case for others hit around the world by unusual weather tragedies.

These strange weather occurrences have become more frequent in recent years, as a result in the overall rise in atmospheric temperature.  Global Warming!  A significant rise in temperature can alter ocean currents, ultimately altering weather patterns that can lead to some of the extreme weather disasters we are seeing today.Eco day land clean up January 2017

So how could we prevent this tragedy from occurring again?  Well as we continue to burn fossil fuels and destroy our oceans and rain forests, there is little we can do as a population. However as an individual just by walking to work, eating less meat, and saving water you’re already helping so much.