Big Blue Conservation - 1st January 2018

New Year Revolutions

Over the past year many things have been accomplished and achievements have been made both locally and globally for conservation.

More people actively getting involved with survey work, joining in with beach and underwater clean ups, and the global awareness of plastic pollution.

So for the preservation of our beautiful planet it has been a year of change, however as with every New Year we look to the future and the newer achievements that can be made.Beach clean 500x244

So as for the title of this piece, Big Blue Conservation looks forward to a prospective future. Excelling on the great work done over the past year by our fantastic volunteers.

Removing tons of trash from our beaches and dive sites, helping out with a blossoming coral nursery, and working on materials that can educate others.

So we thank all our volunteers from 2017, and our resolution is to repeat and excel for the future of Koh Tao.