Big Blue Conservation - 22nd April

Earth Day 2018

Another successful community event, where tons of trash was removed from our seas and lands. An event that has been happening globally for over forty years, and here on Koh Tao we celebrated with the help of hundreds of volunteers.

 That helped to not only remove the unwanted trash from our sea and land, but also helped to categorize the trash. So we could gather a better understanding of what had been so easily discarded on to our beautiful planet Earth.

Using PADI’s Project aware Dive against debris format we were able to add our efforts to a global effort to create awareness about the amount of single use plastics we have entering our oceans every day. Items that cannot be recycled could massive problems for the survival of our oceans and the animals that live with it.

So once again that our awesome volunteers from all over the island for helping us on Earth day, and we look forward to next year.