Big Blue Conservation - 13th February 2015

Charity Valentine Auction

Over the years we have looked at many ways to raise money for charity, that would still be fun and exciting to the audience, sponsored swims, and shaves, even quizzes, however I can proudly say that from the photos and the total amount raised that our pre valentine auction has topped all our expectations.  The event took place the night before valentine, as the catch line, was to buy or be bought by your valentine sweet heart for the following evening of romance.One of the many Bachelors

The event was in aid of two charities, one local and one global, both of which will put the funds to great use. Our local charity was the Koh Tao Noistar Animal Clinic, with only one registered vet and assistant, paid on a basic salary, the clinic always welcomes donated funds, which can help improve the facilities available, for not only the homed but, also the many homeless animals on Koh Tao. We thank them constantly for the great job they do.Koh Tao Animal clinic receiving their donation

The global charity we chose was Sea Shepherd, a well-known organisation that prides itself in doing what others can’t in order to save the lives of innocent wildlife.  In specific the funds raised will be going to the Cove Guardians segment of the organisation, their role, well to publicize constantly the barbaric acts that happen for 9 months of the year at Taiji Bay Japan, where thousands of dolphins are either captured for life imprisonment or butchered for their meat.

As the event was a great success I would like to personally thank the community for pulling together,

Thanks guys you did a great job and we applaud you.

 THANKS! Shepherd logo