Big Blue Conservation - 13th August 2017


Sorry for the delay, but here is a round-up of what happened and the success of that amazing day.

Well we had an awesome opening ceremony with help from some of the islands officials and started the day off with a gourmet breakfast.

Whilst this was happening we had people queuing to join us for the swim and the raffle ticket and T-shirt counter was constantly busy.

We closed the swimming registration at 12 am with a total of 53 people that would be swimming round Koh Nanyuang for Sharks.SWIM 4 SHARKS 2017 2 500X281

Then at 2 pm the competitive swimmers set of with the winner completing the race in well under an hour, then the leisure snorkelers set of at 2:30 pm and enjoyed a relaxed swim around 3 famous islands.

We then got back to the island for 4 pm, and then at 5:30 pm we enjoyed a Shark presentation from Shark Guardian, and SSI Shark Ecology diver.

Of which SSI kindly donated the certification of Shark ecology diver to anyone that participated in the morning and afternoon activities.

After the presentation we then proceeded to party the night away, with help of our local Diza beach bar. We had a live a DJ, BBQ, head shaving, Raffle prizes, and even Shark tattoo.   The night finished at around midnight, and from some of the pictures you can see it was enjoyed by many.

Well we did all of this for Sharks. They play such an important part in ecosystems, of the oceans. We cannot afford to see them suufer and ultimately disappear. So with the help of all our sponsors, volunteers, and general public I am happy to inform you that we raised a whopping 155,000 Thai Baht. That will be split between the two charities.SWIM 4 SHARKS 2017 3 500X281

Sea Shepherd Australia, who will put this money towards protecting the sharks living within the oceans, and then Shark Guardian. Who will travel around Thailand and other Asian countries, visiting schools and businesses helping people to understand the importance of sharks and why the protection of them is so important. So a huge thank you to everyone involved.