Big Blue Conservation - 22nd April 2017

EARTH DAY!Earth day 2017 70 x 70

Well we did it again, with another great community event.  On 22nd April 2017 over 50 Dive schools, 50 businesses, the local government, and over 500 volunteers came together to make a difference.

A day dedicated to the well fair of our home and all the life within, Earth day has been celebrated for over 40 years, a day where people do what they can to improve the health of the planet and educate others on how to do more to care for are home.Earth day Poster 2017

So how did we get on, well the land clean-up was a great success, with over 300 volunteers cleaning both the beaches, and the roads we collected over 1,500 Kg of trash collected. Then with a total of 20 Dive boats and another 200 Volunteers we removed another 500 Kg of trash from the ocean.Earth day 2017

Along with the island wide clean-up we also held an evening event where we raised over 400,000 Thai Baht, and this year the funds raised will be going towards establishing a local trash sorting and recycling facilities, plus supplying more environmentally products to the businesses on the island.

So to wrap it up, we would like to thank all the volunteers that helped that day. The community of Koh Tao did it again…………….

Earth day 2 2017 500 x 281