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Fancy learning all about the underwater realm, learning to dive, and carry out life-changing conservation work in a tropical paradise? Whether you are looking for a life experience you won’t forget, a career break, gap year, improving you CV, starting a career in conservation, voluntary work abroad or just simply looking to broaden your horizons and try something new and exciting, we have the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

Our Conservation expedition and Skill Development programme is 4 weeks, including diver training (normally the Open water and Advanced course, but if you already have these we can offer other training such as Rescue or Nitrox), Marine Biology lectures and underwater science training, BSAC Marine Conservation Training, Emergency First Response First aid training, accommodation in one of our air conditioned dorms, and dive equipment rental included.

Then, if that's not enough of a life experience or for the CV, you will have the opportunity to complete a project of your own during the last week, whether it's a fundraiser, education tool, or marine research project. And did I mention the huge celebration we will have at the end??

Now here's the best bit - normally 28,500 baht, if you book with us before October 30th, all this is only 25,000 baht! Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more and for dates of our expeditions in 2013, or have a look at our Conservation Expedition page


As a leading diver training centre, you will be taught how to dive by experienced qualified instructors. During your first week, volunteers take part in SCUBA training they will be qualified as divers at both open water and advanced open water level. If you are already qualified, no worries! For volunteers that are looking to improve their diving qualifications beyond the advanced open water level this too can be achieved whilst volunteering, such as Nitrox, Deep, Wreck qualifications, or further your diver training and become a Rescue Diver. Any volunteers that do not require dive training can join the expedition as part of the main group a week later, and fin dive in the first week instead with our excellent Divemaster team.

So why Big Blue? Big Blue Conservation offers a unique experience in the world of Marine Conservation and Diver training. Not only do we have trained scientific staff on board with academic verification and years of experience, we have gifted and experienced instructors to offer an incredible range of extra diver training.

Well another month gone, another successful conservation action done! Congratulations to our super Marine Conservationists who just completed the BSAC Marine Conservation skill development programme as part of their Marine Conservation Internship. Now Harrie, Cait, Nick, Laura, Sophia, Emily, Ashley and Naomi can fly the eco flag high and contribute to conservation all around the world. From here, Harrie is off to work in Australia in Ninglaoo Reserve, Cait is going to save the mantas, Emily is completing a degree in marine science, Sophia is going to start filming all the beautiful aquatic life, Laura and Nick will be snapped up for Divemaster work as all the dive schools want the most Eco friendly divemasters around, Naomi  enforces the law on being green, and Ashley is saving the lives of fish and bananas all round. So pretty much green kings and queens! Cheers guys, congratulations on your jobs in conservation, don't forget us at Big Blue Conservation for all your training when you're rich and famous living in your carbon neutral green-houses eating sustainably sourced goodness!

A very heart felt congratulations to our recent Eco internship graduates! You spent the last month learning all about marine systems, understanding the underwater world and the problems it faces, and practising skills in how to help it. It is thanks to the dedication of eco-minded divers like you that mean we can generate research and gather information in an effort to look after our reefs on Koh Tao and on larger scales too, so THANK YOU!


Our class of March 2013 consisted of team Italy - Ettore Baratta, who became an expert in fish identification, Carola Buscemi who is so passionate about recyling she made her own signs, and Aris Thomasberger who we just can't (and never want to!) get rid of. Alissa Muench from Canada was survey queen on every dive she did, Kate Jenkins from the UK helped to set up the Koh Tao Shark Survey, and Joe Morgan helped us reach more people than ever before with our online campaigns. Thanks Eco-people!

So AJ and Tina from Scotland who are starting the internship just now, I expect great things from you guys to keep our eco team as fantastic as ever!!