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Big Blue Conservation - Well done Nat!!

Congratualtions Nathalie for finishing your internship! Nathalie was here for two months completing the field research element of her masters degree. She showed excellent organisation and research skills, and exeptional survey and coral identification skills.


Nathalie's project was looking at diver impact on coral reefs. Using roving diver observations, she surveyed damaged to reefs by divers, whether it was intentional or accidental, and whether level of diver experience correlates with impact caused. She also surveyed a number of our reefs to survey overall damage using a quadrat survey (see the pictures below). This work will be essential for implementing appropriate carrying capacity regulations at our reefs on Koh Tao.

So thank you Nathalie, really excellent work and a pleasure to have you here! No doubt we will be seeing alot of Nathalie in future conservation research.