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Big Blue Conservation - What have you done for nature lately?

Moreover, what have you done for your diving career lately? Why not do both at the same time. Forward your diving education whilst contributing to essential conservation activities on Koh Tao.

Why not learn Marine ID so you can identify the wonderful marine life you see. Or maybe learn Perfect Buoyancy which not only improves you air usage and confidence underwater, but prevents you accidentally harming the marine life. Perhaps you'd like to become a Shark Diver and learn all about these wonderful apex predators. Or maybe learn Underwater Digital Photography, so you can capture the marine life and practice using equipment underwater essential for conservation research. Or you could do three of these specialities and become a CONSERVATION SPECIALIST! Learn new and exciting skills whilst becoming an ecologically minded diver - everyone wins! Only a 3 day course for 8,640 THB, it's hard to resist. Dieuwertje Hoornstra couldn't and she is now a Conservation Specialist. She says 'I wanted to continue my diving studies, but didn't want to do the rescue course. This course was perfect, very enjoyable to do and I felt like I learnt so much about things I never knew existed in the water!' Thanks Dieuwertje, come back soon!