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Big Blue Conservation - Congratulations Marie!

Congratulations Marie! She has spent the last month learning all about marine life, its world decline and its conservation both on land and in the water. Well deserved Marie, well done!

So what have you done for nature lately? If you fancy doing an EcoInternship like Marie, have a look at our Eco Courses page. In just 4 weeks, you will learn more about marine identification, how coral reef ecosystems function, and their conservation needs world wide. As divers, we are often blamed for the degradation of coral reefs, however we are also in the best position to do something about it. Reefs are already degraded in 93 of the 109 countries in which they occur, so if you fancy doing something good for the ocean as well as learning some valuable new skills under the water, come and do the Eco internship with Big Blue Conservation. For just 25,000, you get 3 specialities in monitoring and marine resource management, including all diving equipment rental and unlimited diving, great discounts around the resort, and you can do something good for nature! Hard to refuse!