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Big Blue Conservation - Marine conservation celebrity in town!!

Koh Tao is a beautiful paradise, full of amazing white sand beaches, incredible and variable cuisine, fantastic divers, adorable wildlife and breathtaking reefs. But right now it's EVEN BETTER!! Why? Well the geek inside me express how cool this is..

The Chagos archipelago is an array of 55 tiny islands, which contains the largest coral atoll on earth and over 60,000 square km of the shallow limestone reef and associated habitats, and about 300 seamounts and abyssal habitats. Chagos contains some of the world’s healthiest coral reefs and the cleanest sea water, sediments and marine life tested so far in the world.  It is by far Britain’s greatest area of marine biodiversity and a reservoir of biodiversity for an over exploited ocean.


On 1st April 2010, the British Government announced the creation of the Chagos Marine Reserve. This designation of a fully no-take marine protected area (MPA) out to the 200 mile limit created the largest marine reserve in the world, a conservation legacy almost unrivalled in scale and significance. It will contribute greatly to a number of globally agreed targets, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity target to protect 10% of the oceans by 2020.

No other action taken by the United Kingdom makes anything like such a considerable contribution to these agreed global targets. This decision undoubtedly establishes the UK as a world leader in marine conservation for the benefit of all nations.


Prof Charles Sheppard was and still is a leading scientist in the diversity and ecology of the Chagos Marine Reserve, and his wife, Dr Anne Sheppard, is the editor of the Chagos news. These two amazing contributors to marine conservation are actually here on Koh Tao right now! We are very lucky to have them here, and they plan to do a few takls, presentations and marine dives with some of us on koh Tao to impart their vast wisdom. Watch this space for dates and times of their talks - I'll be in the front row!

Visit and donate to The Chagos Conservation Trust at Chagos-Trust.org