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Big Blue Conservation - Meccano for Eco Divers!

Staff, DMTs and eco warriors alike joined forces yesterday for a full day of meccano making fun! we constructed 6 separate coral nursery structures and put them down off Sairee. Coral nurseries are an excellent way to help the rehabilitation and restoration of reefs, by taking fragments of coral which would otherwise perish in the sand and giving them a nice hard surface to grow! Thanks to everyone that helped - you finally got to play with coral! Great effort and big thanks to Prince of Songkla University for helping us with the project.

2010 has been an extraordinary year around the world. Very warm sea temperatures due to the ENSO effect, coupled with flat, calm seas and intense sunlight on Koh Tao has lead to severe stresses on our corals. Most of the coral bleached, a good proportion of them are currently in a state of recovery and unfortunately a few have died.

In light of these events the people of the Save Koh Tao Group, together with the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources and scientists from the Prince of Songkhla University have embarked on an ambitious project to regenerate the coral population of our small island. Take a look at our progress! Many dive schools over the island, including Crystal, Bans, New Heaven, Blacktip and of course Big Blue have been working very hard for the last week to put these structures in the water. So come take a look at ours - it's just west of Navakid's buoyline!