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Big Blue Conservation - We wish you a merry BULLSHARK!

An early christmas present for us at Big Blue Conservation today - the Bullsharks are back! Fantastic news as with the extremely warm sea temperatures this year and lack of small fish, we had small hopes of seeing them this year. It's good to see the water quality improving and the larger life returning with it, but of course we want to keep it that way, so have a read below how to dive best with sharks and enjoy the experience more:

  1. Sharks are a rare species to see on Koh Tao, however baiting or attracting sharks with bottles can lead to unnatural behaviour by the sharks. Some sharks are curious and will approach divers, but some can come too close, particular if they associated divers with food.
  2. Stay in a vertical position - not many organisms swim in the ocean in a verticle position, and so a shark will not confuse you with food.
  3. Stay calm - erratic movements may provoke defence behaviours. If your calm, sharks will be more calm and your dive will be much more enjoyable.
  4. Learn about sharks and respect them. They are fascinating apex predators, some of the oldest organisms on the planet, and they deserve our respect.

Enjoy your dive with sharks - you won't regret it!