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Big Blue Conservation - Whaleshark Sighting

Whale shark on Twin Peaks!! After 2 months or so of having no whaleshark sightings on Koh Tao, divers on Twin Peaks yesterday were lucky enough to spot a small 3 meter whaleshark - hopefully this means we may start to see more of them.
Darcy from ECOCEAN commented "the lack of sightings maybe a result of the abnormally high sea temperatures we are experiencing; more likely a result of less planktonic matter in the ocean due to increased temperatures and therefore lower oxygen levels in the water" so hopefully with the whalesharks beginning to come back to Koh Tao, so the temperature is decreeasing - good news for the coral too!
Remember, if you have any photos of whalesharks spotted in Koh Tao, send in your photos and we can pass them on to ECOCEAN's international monitoring database, to help us track these behemoths of the deep!


Using NASA Hubble telescope technology used to map stars, ECOOCEAN map the spots on the side of the shark, much like a human fingerprint! Recording sightings like this has already helped us to understanding behaviours of these big beauties. Learn more on their website: http://www.whaleshark.org/