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13th April 2015


The world famous water festival, which is the celebration of many Asia countries new year, including Thailand, where it is celebrated for 5 days during April, the 13th marking the date of the New Year.Songkran2012

The traditional celebration includes the pouring of herbed and fragranced water over each other to purify one of any sins for the coming year, it however has become more of a extravagant party over the years as cultures have evolved, the meaning still remains, but let’s just say the methods by which people are cleansed has become more outrageous.

The underlining factor of a worldwide water shortage, and the mass amounts of fresh water that is wasted during these 5 day celebrations, must be something we need to think about in preparation for next year.  As global warming changes our climate creating more long periods of drought for a lot of South East Asian countries, is the wasting of such quantities of water practical each year.f1-7-Songkran-2007

One can agree that traditions must be upheld, however at what cost to our survival, the celebration can still go on but maybe there are methods by which we can use sea water, or simply save rain water just for that occasion.  Just think how we can’t live without water.Save 4 Songkran poster

22nd April 2015

Earth Day!

An annual event celebrated on the 22nd of April, where events are held, to express our support for all environmental protection happening worldwide. It first started in 1970, where a total of 192 countries showed a united support, becoming a true global event.


The first day of spring for those in the Northern hemisphere, it was seen as an opportunity to honour the Earth for all that it has given and provided.  Over the years the way people have honoured and supported, ranges from money raising events, like a sponsored Everest climb, to a global clean-up, ridding the land and oceans of its pollutants.   

Here on Koh Tao, we try to always show our support for events like this, coming together as a community, and this year was no exception, local businesses came together to help with an island clean-up, and events were held for the local school children.

So all in all the day was a great success, the island became spotless, and in an attempt to keep it clean we are working alongside the charity organisation Trash Heroes, to arrange weekly clean-ups, all over the island, a way to bring volunteers together every week, for some good work. 101

26th June 2015

Underwater Full Moon Party

Imagine a night dive where everywhere you look your eyes are bewildered by florescence, an image like that of a 70’s poster. By using Blue light instead of the traditional white, on a night dive it’s like entering a new world, a dive site that you have seen on numerous occasions at night can be an intriguing new environment. The different blue light wave length enables you to see underwater life in a whole new colour.

Organisms like Corals and Crustaceans, contain proteins that absorb the blue light, and then reflect to make wonderful bright colours.uv

 Corals that seem dormant during the day, come to life at night, and with the blue light you can see them feeding on the small organisms that float within the oceans.

Crustaceans that can be hard to see, will now stand out making it easy to observe their activity, this can also apply to Octopus, and Scorpion fish, their camouflage abilities making them hard to see, now clear to see amongst the coral.

Reasons behind why some organisms reflect the blue light, are still being researched, some suggestions our feeding techniques, defensive strategy, or even mating practices.uv1

Here at Big Blue, thanks to the help from UV Koh Tao we can now offer the chance to try this new activity, for further information, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


19th June

2015 Save Koh Tao Festival

An annual event that brings together the whole community in the name of conservation, dive schools and other local businesses, discuss the efforts made and future plans, to conserve the beautiful island of Koh Tao.

Going from a small population of just a few families in the early 80’s to now a growing population of over a 1,000. The community came together and set up a group known as Save Koh Tao, their job to regulate activity that effects the island, and the surrounding waters of Koh Tao. 

Their efforts continue throughout the year, however once a year we have a two day party to celebrate their efforts to the general public, and put forward any future plans we have that will benefit the island.KOHTAOFESTIVAL2015

As members of Save Koh Tao, each year we join in with the festivities, to put on a great show for the public. This year we decided to go for constant laughter with Big Blue’s un-sychronized swimming squad, and we even made some outrageous outfits out of recycled materials, for the Mr and Ms Koh Tao competition.

In all the two days were filled with fun and cheer, a party that can keep the entire family smiling, so if your ever in the neighbourhood around June, I would seriously recommend popping over to see what all the fuss is about, a community event that comes together perfectly.

Save Koh Tao!

29th August 2015


So with the big event now over, we can look back on the great success and fun that was had throughout the day, from face painting to fun swimming, fun was had by all.swim4sharks2015

This year we added some new activities to the day, including some activities that were aimed towards the young ones, after all they are the future and the next generation of eco warriors.

Liz from Shark Guardian came over from Phuket to help give a presentation to the children from the local day garden school, plus we had face painting, shark sand sculptures and fun in the pool.swim4sharks22015

The total we raised reached a staggering 130,000 ฿, approximately $3600 which was a new record compared to previous years.

This year we also decided to give the money raised to a new charity organisation, as well as Shark Guardian, which do brilliant work around Asia, we also donated some of the money raised to Sea Shepherd Australia, which will go towards some of their shark conservation based campaigns, like Sunu Gaal, and Apex harmony.

We are pleased with the support of the local community, and look forward to next year, let’s make it bigger and better.swim4sharks32015


November 2015


Everyone loves a good quiz show, so here at Big Blue Conservation, we thought why not bring the show to the people. So with the help of Jillian and Sabina Eco interns, we designed a quiz, with questions all related to animals, with 5 different rounds.animal clinic 2

The night was a success, raising just short of 10,000 Thai baht, everyone had a great time with laughter all night, even after the quiz had finished. The money we raised would be given to the Soi Dog Foundation based in Bangkok, and helping homeless dogs and cats across Thailand, with not just medical problems. But also running an amazing worldwide adoption program, which saves these animals from any further pain, with giving them a new life with a new family.

December 2015


So how did we get on over the past 12 months, well with more than 20 new BSAC Marine conservationists certified, plus the removal of over a ton of trash from the oceans, as well as the local beaches, I’d say not bad.  Then of course we had some great fundraising events throughout the year, from charity auctions, quizzes, to competitive swim events, raising money for some awesome charities, I believe the grand total of 200,000 Thai Baht was raised. Going to such charities like;

  • Sea Shepherd Australia

  • Shark Guardian

  • Soi Dog Foundation

  • Noistar Animal Clinic Koh Tao

However I don’t think it would have been merely as successful a year, if it wasn’t for the awesome volunteers that joined us in 2015. Designing new posters, giving presentations to our DMT’s, and of course looking after the local reef. Your efforts and contributions will all ways be appreciated, and from everyone at Big Blue Diving we commend you for ‘Saving Our Seas!’

13th February 2016

Valentine Charity Auction

Well it was such a great success last year that we decided why not, it’s all for a good cause. So we went with it, trying to make it bigger and better than its predecessor, with a local DJ plus more amazing hotties from all over Koh Tao and some hungry bidders, wanting to grab themselves a date for valentine. animal clinic 12 

Come 8 o’clock the bar was full, with the community of Koh Tao coming together to raise money for the two great charities we chose, and that community didn’t disappoint with a grand total of 45,000 Thai Baht, I’d say they did good.  Oh and everyone had an awesome time, not sure on how those valentine dates went, but hey it’s all for charity. 50

April 22nd 2016

Earth Day

A day dedicated purley to the environment, has been happening now for over 40 years, and here at Big Blue we also spent the day doing what we can to help our struggling environment. 

This year we were invited to join other businesses in an island wide clean up, of not only the beaches, and roads, but also the local diving sites. Earth day 500 x 281

With the involvement of over 60 businesses, including other dive schools we collected over 1,254 Kg of trash, with the help of over 353 divers.

Along with the mass clean up we also raised money for one of Koh Tao's oldest protectors of the seas, Chad Scott. One of the co-founders of the Save Koh Tao organisation, he has helped and created varies projects, that have made Koh Tao more environmentally sustainable.

Unfortunatly he was recently diagnosed with luekemia and so as a community we also held a fundraising event for him on the evening of the 22nd, raising a total of 735,500 Thai baht.

In whole the community really did come together, WELL DONE EVERYONE!Shanna Earth day


June 2016

Save Koh Tao Festival 2016

The Save Koh Tao Festival has been running now for 6 years, a couple of days to show how Koh Tao community comes together for the greater good, and to address any new environmental issues, and the possible solutions that have been put in to place. 

This years festival was held on the 18th-19th of June, and what a festival, the opening was held at the historic King Rama 5 Rock on Sairee beach, follwed closely by our very first and biggest land based world record attempt.Trash Sculpture 2016

At 11:30 pm on Saturday the 18th of June over 3,000 people of all nationalities came together on Sairee beach to clasp wrists with the person next to them in a bid to beat the previous Guiness World record of 2,200 people, and also show their strength as a community. We have yet to obtain the official results, but it did look pretty promising.

Then on to the afternoons festivities, with Kids games, food stalls, Volleyball games, and even a trash sculpture competition, which the team at Big Blue Conservation entered an Anemone sculpture made from mostlly recycle plastic. 

Then to the evening, as usual we worked hard to create outfits for the Mr and Mrs Koh Tao competition, where teams must create outfits made from as much recycled material as possible, and this year we even had a theme to our entries, of a healthy ocean, Mrs Koh Tao and a unhealthy ocean Mr Koh Tao, our efforts were then rewarded with a prize for Mrs Koh Tao, well done.Mrs Koh Tao 2016

The following night was probably the biggest and most exciting night for Big Blue, as it was the night of our on stage 

Always look on the green side of life

performance, each year we ask fo some time on stage, to show the community what enertainers we really are, and this year was no exception, with a twist on old, classic 'Always look on the bright side of life' to always look on the green side of life. The team put on quite a show, and I think even managed to address some environmental issues to the public. 

So all I have to say is thank everyone, that made it possible, and we look forward to next year. 

13th August 2016


So we our happy to announce another fantastic event, and a new grand total of 150,000 THB ( 5,600 AUD ) was achieved, and will nw be going towards Shark conservation projects worldwide, via, our two designated charities, s4sgroup2016

Shark Guardian Thailand

Sea Shepherd Austaralia

Each organisation will receive a substantial sum, that can be used towards the ongoing Shark projects they have running. 

As for the day itself, I am more than happy to suggest fun was had by all, despite a liitle turbulunt weather, the swimmers had fun, raising large quantities, of sponsorship, whilst also bringing a great atmosphere to the event, plus joined by a great bunch as support staff, that made the day run smoothly and effortlessly.

Then the evening was nothing other than a great party, for all with music from our local DJ Bryan, and raffle filled with awesome prizes, plus the legendary Shave 4 Sharks, where we had plenty of willing volunteers that changed their look for the sharks, keeping the total going up throughout the eveining. 

Sharks play such an important role in the oceans, and if we lose the oceans, we lose everything, so by pretecting Sharks, we our looking after the well being of our future.

"No Blue

No Green

No Water 

No Life"

Sylvia Earle

I would finnaly like say a huge thank you to our sponsors:s4steam2016

Aquamaster Koh Toa,  Banyan Bar,  Barracuda,  Big Blue Freediving, Big Blue Tech,  Big Blue Drift Store

Dive Supply Koh Tao,  Gym & Fitness,  Koh Tao Flying Trapeze,  Koh Tao Leisure Park,  Kusto,  Mojo, Monsson Gym,  One Stop Dive, Scuba Schools International, Sup Tao,  The Hacienda.

Without support from our local community none of this woul have bee possibe, so THANK YOU!


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