Animal clinic charity quiz night

We did it for the animals…..

Our weekly quiz nights can be an unmissable event, but our latest quiz certainly wasn’t to be missed. Written and co hosted by our very own instructor trainer, Gus Rae. Putting together a quiz with such rounds as  who used this slogan, to name the cartoon, from this small music clip.  Plus we had some intermittent animal miming to earn your team and extra point.

All the money raised from the event went to our local animal clinic, which is responsible for the welfare of many of the animals on the island, from the small local birds to the lovable beach dogs. Many of the Cat’s and dogs lining on the island have no owners. No where to call home, and no one to care for them when they get sick. Except here on Koh Tao we have a wonderful collection of volunteers that work as part of the animal clinic.

Giving their time and knowledge to help those in need, and it’s hard. Living on a small island a couple of hours from the main land, has it’s many problems. Getting medical resources, building facilities big enough to cope with those in need, and also getting the animals off the island for further care.

So any little can help and thanks to the participates of the quiz, and any further donations, we were able to raise over 3,000 Thb in one night for local animal clinic. This money can go to the purchase of much needed supplies for the local strays.

Thank you to everyone that donated.