Australias burning crisis

The trees are burning……….

Forest fires are a common scene in some countries at certain times of the year, some fires are started delibrilatly to reduce fuel for greater more serious fires. But when that small controlled fire is misjudged as something that is uncontrollable due to extreme drought and higher air temperatures, then your in trouble. Serious trouble that could cost thousands of lives, and hundreds of miles of natural habitat.

Over the past week Australia has seen the worst forest fire event in decades, with the local authorities declaring over a million hectres of natural forests alight with flames. Hundreds of people homeless and even more wildlife, struggling to cope with excessive damage caused by the fires.

The situation is only getting worst by the water resource status also hitting critical after one of the worst droughts seen for years. The country appears to getting hotter and dryer each year, and many say that the fires are symptoms of Australia climate crisis.

So how does this connect to conservation, well Australia is a unique area. Native animals to that area of the world, are limited and can not be found in the wild in any other locations. A geographically isolated location with it’s own animal and plant diversity, is under great threat.  As fires burn hundreds of miles of natural habitat is destroyed, killing thousand of locally found wildlife and taking the homes of many more.

The destruction of the natural landscape could also effect water catchment, in certain areas. Resulting in more surface flooding during rainy seasons, which could then lead to a reduction in water quality. Higher levels of bacteria, and reduction in oxygen levels leading to a loss of naturally found fish stocks. Floodings of populated areas could also lead to more pollutants making there way in the water table, which then flows in to the nearest ocean.

The fires could still keep burning for many more weeks, and as they do the planet cries in pain.  The fact that the burning of forests is not a headline in most news bulletins is a catastrophe in itself, as ignorance of the growing climate change circumstance is foolish. It affects so many, and to reduce the affects we must act now. For the sake of future generations we can not ignore the signs and symptoms any longer.

Thank you for reading.