Who creates the most plastic waste......

"Whoever You Are, Whatever You Do, Wherever You May Be, When You Think of Trash Think of Ice Cold Coca-Cola."

The slogan used to promote Coco Cola in 1939 was very similar "Whoever You Are, Whatever You Do, Wherever You May Be, When You Think of Refreshment Think of Ice Cold Coca-Cola." The reality of things now is that wherever you might be you see trash from the Coco Cola company.

A recent study of plastic trash found around the world, concluded that the Coco Cola company was the largest plastic polluter. When a group of volunteers collected over 480,000 pieces of plastic waste from around the globe, 11,800  pieces were from the Coco Cola company.

The company is thought to produce 8 million tonnes of plastic packaging a year, of which the famous refreshment bottles. Made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, of which only 25% is recycled materials, the rest created new from fossil fuels.hey claim to increase the percentage of recycled items used by 2020, pledging to recycle a used bottle or can for every one they sell by 2030. A great pledge, but is that too late considering the damage already done to the environment. Why are they used and discarded so easily, is there a way to reduce the amount thrown away.

Well unlike purposely made reusable plastic containers, studied have shown that water and soda bottles shouldn’t be reused. Studies have indicated that the containers may leak DEHP (di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate) a human carcinogen, which leaks due the structurally compromised construction on the bottles.

So Coco Cola actually predates some of the plastic containers we are so used to seeing today, what did they do back then. Well they used glass, up till the 1960’s you find Coke only in glass bottles. Changes to plastic would have been down to manufacturing costs, cheaper to produce plastic than glass. But now we are paying the price, as plastic pollution reaches and all time high.

Don’t support companies, that save money at the cost of the planet. You as the consumer can make the change happen, if you don’t buy it they won’t produce it…..

Thank you for reading…