Fighting Plastic!

Anyone who’s spent time in Thailand will be familiar or perhaps even have an intimate relationship with everyone’s favourite convenience store, the all-conquering 7/11. Having supplies of the ubiquitous cheese and ham toasties 24 hours a day, every single day of the year is certainly not to be sniffed at by most Thailand backpackers, who seem to be fueled almost entirely on a concoction of Pringles, cheese toasties and buckets of cheap booze– thankfully Thailand isn’t a country famous for its cuisine or they may all be missing out on something…
But, last year, in an extraordinary move that surprised the whole of Koh Tao, and after decades of asking politely, demanding, begging, pleading and groveling, that the powers that be at 7/11 finally took our advice and stopped giving out plastic bags. They used to have a habit of giving out a plastic bag with absolutely everything. Packet of cigarettes? Plastic bag. Can of Coca-Cola? Plastic bag and straw. A couple of bottles of Singha to drink immediately? Triple-bloody-bagged, with a handful of straws lurking in them. Multiply this by the 10,000 or so 7/11 stores just in Thailand, and you can see where the root of the problem lay.
So Koh Tao was the first place in Thailand to stop the distribution of 7/11 pastic bags and now 
Of7/11 have agreed to do the same at all their stores nationwide! 
This is a huge win for our environmental movement on Koh Tao so well done to all involved especially us at Big Blue Conservation who were a huge driving force behind the initial push on Koh Tao.
And well done to 7/11, but we all as consumers must learn to refuse the bags and straws we’re offered. We all no doubt know by now that plastics are a huge worldwide problem and the oceans especially are in particular trouble of succumbing to the invasion of plastics dumped in it by us ungrateful humans, but by cutting out our supplier it’ll certainly help a huge amount.
Right. Now it’s time to see if we can’t get the big supermarkets like Tesco, Big C & Tops to do the same nationwide. First stop Phuket!