Fun facts you may not know about the animals found under the sea

Facts about the fishes you may not know…..

  • Seahorse males are the only males in nature that give birth.
  • When a moray eel open and closes it’s mouth, its only taking a breath. Not trying to take a bite.
  • Chewing can be a pain wit no teeth so frogfish just swallow their food whole.
  • Getting slapped by a fish is a thing, as the thresher sharks uses its tail to slap prey when hunting.
  • Who can share the love more, well an octopus has three hearts. With a lot of love to give.
  • Tucking themselves in at night parrotfish create their own mucus sack to sleep in at night, that keeps them safe from predators.
  • A boxing opponent like the peacock mantis shrimp that has the power to vaporise water with a single punch, would be a little daunting.
  • Sea sponges are the true dinosaurs of the oceans, they have been around for hundreds of millions of years.
  • When lying on a beach you are on top of poop, yes parrotfish are responsible for over 85% of the worlds beaches. Now that’s a pooper trooper…..
  • If you see a group of Jellyfish to warn your friends quickly you can say get out it’s smack. The term used for a group of Jellyfish…..
  • The truth about Nemo was that his father would change to a female, as most fish are hermaphrodites and so to recreate the family sacrifices are made. However this situation would not make for a moral story in a disney movie……
  • The cheerleaders of the reef team are boxer crabs that carry anemones around like pom poms. Always cheering for their favourite team…….

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