Bottle house......

A bottle house…..

When you live at the bottom of the ocean, it can be tough finding an ideal home. From sandy burrows, to rocky shelters there's a lot of choice but its hard choosing just the right one. Throw another option of a glass bottle, well now your talking.  

Glass, like plastic is a very common material that is discarded daily. Despite it’s ability to be recycled, a lot of trash documented all over the world is glass bottles. Regularly on ocean clean ups, we come across glass bottles in large numbers under the water.

Now although they are considered trash we don’t remove them from the ocean, once they’ve been submerged and here's why. Well in spite of them being used item we could recycle, the actually efforts to recycle a glass bottle once its found its way to the bottom of the sea.  It comes down to the time and resources recycling takes as, opposed to being able to just re-use an item for something else.

And that is what the sea does with glass bottles, once discarded you will often find marine life hiding in side from, Goby’s, to octopus. A shiny glass bottle can make a very attractive new home, some where that you can really make a home.

Come join us as we visit our artificial reef and see how we have incorporated some of the abandoned glass bottles  in to some of the structures we have sunken. These bottles have now become homes to many different organisms, including blennies.

Blennies are generally small fish, with elongated bodies and relatively large eyes and mouths. Their dorsal fins are often continuous and long; the pelvic fins typically have a single embedded spine and are short and slender, situated before the pectoral fins. The tail fin is rounded. The blunt heads of blenniiformids often possess elaborate whisker-like structures called cirri. As generll benthic fish, blenniiformids spend much of their time on or near the sea floor; many are reclusive and may burrow in sandy substrates or inhabit crevices in reefs, the lower stretches of rivers, or even empty shells.

So why not come join us on one of either our underwater clean ups, or visits to the artificial reef.