Ocean Utopia

Visit at Ocean Utopia by Val on the seashore of Koh Tao (Thailand) this week. The visibility in the water was not too good but it actually reinforced the magic of the artwork.
Since the feat of its installation in March 2016, its evolution is amazing. The three structures are today entirely covered with shells and small algae. The coral shoots, slowly but surely, colonise their entire surface as well as the bases that guarantee the stability of Val’s artwork on the sandy bottom of the sea. Sea anemones have hatched on two of the sculptures. The three figures are also wrapped in an organic coat that accentuates the gestures that Val imagined for them. « Volonté », « Espoir » and « Étonnement » seem to be soaring in the infinite blue by the abundance of nature that surrounds them. Then there are these thousands of fishes that are like the pulse of the site. Their back and forth movement is its breathing. It literally makes it alive.
Ocean Utopia began its metamorphosis from bronze and concrete sculpture to an artwork standing in subtle balance with its environment. Marine flora and fauna have fully become its third medium. It only asks to hatch even more in its majesty and mystery. It is the sanctuary of Val and of her immense talent as a sculptor.