Seahorse at White Rock

Wonderful to come across a Seahorse at White Rock!

Seahorses, otherwise known as Hippocampus, Latin for horse sea monster, are small bony segmented fish that have a distinctive head and neck shaped like that of a horse. They are most commonly found in shallow waters, clinging to seagrasses or other marine plants. Described as the slowest fish, they struggle to avoid predation and affects by human activity, leading to reductions in world populations. So in collaboration with the citizen science project, iSeahorse, you can help monitor local seahorse populations.

Anyone can join, whether you’re a diver, a scientist, a seahorse enthusiast, or just on a beach holiday.  You can upload your photos and observations to By doing so, you can help identify seahorse species and you can advocate for their protection in your ocean neighborhood.

The Seahorse is a very popular aquarium fish and is it also used in traditional Chinese medicine. In addition to this, the species is used to make souvenirs for tourists.

The main exporters of Common Seahorse are India, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, but over 50 nations are involved in buying and selling the species on the international market.

So although every dive in Thailand should include an encounter with a Seahorse unfortunately this is not the case because of its demand basically for Chinese medicine, which is so very sad but also makes an encounter with a Seahorse that much more memorable.

Thanks to Scuba Birds for the photos.