The climate scandal

The climate cover up……

The topic of climate change is a hot topic at the moment, with rises in global temperatures causing adverse severe weather anomalies all over the world. Affecting people lives and costing countries millions of dollar. With governments finally starting to see sense, and act on new bills that will protect the planet instead of harming it further there may still be hope.

But where did all this ignorance or annoyance of climate change come from, surely the science proves the facts. Well Climate gate happened, almost ten years ago, not long before the highly important Copenhagen climate talks were meant to take place.

Internet hackers stole 6,000 emails, and other documents from climate researchers at the university of east Anglia, UK. They then proceeded to pick out certain bits of information, and then sell them on to journalistic groups. These groups then used the selected information to create a false headlines about climate change, bringing out a new group of climate change deniers. These deniers pick and choose what that want to hear, and what others should hear. Wrong interpretations of highly credited scientists research led to a boom controversy on the climate change topic.

So much of the information was taken out of context, and used to discredit the work done by so many people for many years, and now 10 years after the incident. Many say that this event held us back from the work we could have been doing already. What did this act do to the way we see climate change now, and did this scepticism on the topic back then. Result in the way the world is now, all the scientists were trying to do is warn us, of the dangers we could face. A look in to the future we now see as a scary inevitably.


A climate scandal that could cost us the planet, if only the scientists were able to get the facts to the right people at the right time. Instead the information was carried like chinese whispers, a mismatch of vital data. 10 years on we openly talk of this indirect attack on our environment, as an act of terrorism against science.