Volunteer in Koh Tao

Big Blue Conservation is dedicated to protecting the astonishing abundance of life on Koh Tao’s reefs, as well as contributing to global research studying the impact of climate change on this beautiful environment. Through numerous projects and initiatives, we work closely with the local community to sustain our local economy and protect our island from the impact of tourism. By choosing Big Blue Conservation, you contribute to our ecological mission whilst enjoying the best diving on the island.

Right now Big blue Diving Eco branch Big Blue Conservation is offerring an amazing opportunity to get involved with Volunteer Work: Our expedition starts with an afternoon of buoyancy training to enhance your diving skills in preparation for the BSAC Marine Conservation specialty. You don't need to have a background in biology as this course will give you all the skills and confidence that you need when undertaking the survey dives and working on our coral nursery afterwards. This includes various short lectures on four topics (Ocean Environment, Coral Biology, State of our reefs, Coral Conservation), followed by a 4 SCUBA practical sessions. After a day off you will then complete your Deep and Nitrox diver certification and continue working on various reef restoration and rehabilitation techniques. Upon completion of the BSAC specialty, you will begin to partake in survey dives, which involve collecting data on the current status of the reefs and assessing our reef communities. These data contribute to global marine biological research databases used to protect our oceans. During week four, you have the opportunity to complete a project of your choice with the support of our training staff – whether it is organising a fundraiser, an educational video, or simply a poster. This is your chance to show off your talents and apply them to marine conservation! Be the change you want to see.

Commitment: 4 weeks minimum

Cost: 40,000 Thai Baht (includes accommodation, dives and equipment rental).