SSI - Fish ID

The ocean is filled with fascinating and beautiful fish of every shape and size. This non-diving specialty program teaches you the skills and concepts required to identify the common families of Caribbean, Indo-Pacific, and Red Sea reef fish.

Cost: 7,000 Thb

Eco Objective.
Ability to identify fish species that you would be diving among during a dive, can add to the enchantment of the experience.

What do I need to start?
You have to already have completed the Open Water Diver Course with either SSI or PADI. Big Blue provides all equipment, boat trips, etc., for the duration of the course.

Am I fit to Dive?
Read this medical questionaire. if you can answer yes to any of the questions, you may require medical clearance to enroll on a diving course. Email us at if you would like more information.

How long will it take?
The course takes one day to complete and includes 2 fun dives.

Typical Diary
In the morning, you will be given a presentation on the ecology of reefs and how to identify and some of the biology behind the huge variety of aquatic life. In the afternoon, you'll put your new identification skills into practice in the water, and you will be amazed how much new and exciting life you will be able to find!

How do I book?
To book your course and accommodation please fill in your details here, listing the courses you are interested in in the comments section. A minimum 10% deposit is required to reserve your course.