SDI Marine Ecosystem Awareness

SDI Marine Ecosystem Awareness

SDI-Marine Ecosystem Awareness

Divers have a vested interest in protecting the marine environment. In many cases, divers do not have environmental information about local sites. This specialty is designed to increase a diver’s understanding of marine and freshwater environments, the problems facing these unique ecosystems, and the role that diver’s play in protecting our marine resources.

Cost: 9,000 Thb 

 Eco objective

  • The certified diver looking for more information to about the underwater world and the impact of divers as well as others have on the environment. How we can preserve the underwater world for generations to come

The SDI Marine Ecosystem Awareness

  • Environmentally friendly diving techniques

Buoyancy control

Kick technique

Local considerations

  • Physical attributes

Temperature and thermoclines

Salinity and halocline

Dissolved gases

Light, as it applies to photosynthesis

Nutrient circulation

What do I need to start? 
You have to have already completed the Advanced Open Water Diver Course with either SSI or PADI. Big Blue Conservation provides all equipment, boat trips, etc., for the duration of the course.

Am I fit to Dive? 
Read this medical questionnaire and if you can answer yes to any of the questions, you may require medical clearance to enroll in a diving course. For more information please contact us

How do I book?
To book your course and accommodation please fill in your details here, listing the courses you are interested in in the comments section. A minimum 10% deposit is required to reserve your course.