Big Blue Diving Koh Tao

Big Blue Diving Koh Tao

Our Resort

Big Blue Diving Resort consists of ten air-conditioned dormitories with either 4 or 6 people to a room. We also have seven private fan rooms and seven private air-conditioned rooms. All of these private rooms come with hot water shower and a balcony overlooking the pool. We have another 10 air-conditioned bungalows scattered around the pool and on the beach, as well as an additional 16 fan bungalows at our disposal next door, directly on the beach.

Big Blue Dining Restaurant and Bar is our favorite location on the whole island of Koh Tao. The food is fantastic, especially the pizza, which is known on Koh Tao for being the best on the island. The Bar sells every tipple you can think of and is the perfect setting for sunset drinks and après diving socializing. The bar is also a reasonable sporting venue too with all the big games shown on the big screen as well as all the open water course videos that we shoot for our enthusiastic students.  With the restaurant and bar being directly on the beach, it's the perfect place to relax and maybe have a game of beach football or volleyball.

Our pool is 12 meters long by 3 meters wide. The shallow side is 1.2 meters deep and the deep side is 2.5 meters deep. It has been designed to hold 4 groups in training at any one time, although we rarely have more than 2 groups in at a time. It's a saltwater pool and is maintained by our Dive Operations Manager to ensure it's in perfect condition to host students.

We also have a beachfront massage parlor here at Big Blue Diving. Not many dive centers in the world can offer that!
Big Blue Diving Koh Tao

Safety First!

Every member of the Big Blue Diving Team is a fully certified diving professional, DAN Oxygen Provider and current in First Aid & CPR Training. Our resident Dive Medic, Sonia Scott, is also an active member of the Koh Tao Rescue Team and the Subaquatic Safety Services. Big Blue Diving is a sponsor of the SubAquatic Safety Services Recompression Network, and have been since it started in 1999. We run a Divemaster in Training Hyperbaric Chamber Field Trip, taking divemaster trainees to the hyperbaric chamber on neighboring Koh Samui for informational lectures and a dry dive in the chamber. Every one of our boats carry complete first aid kits and a 50-liter oxygen tank on board, which we check weekly by an assigned staff member. We also have a portable emergency tank on land. We have a dedicated O2 cylinder on land for training purposes as well.

In recent years, Koh Tao has really focused on improving the medical services and facilities available here. The opening of the Koh Tao Hospital, a dedicated evacuation speedboat, the Koh Tao Rescue group are just mention of a few of the businesses and people whose hard work and dedication has improved life for everyone here on Koh Tao. Not to mention the involvement of some of our resident divers (one of which is an ex-Big Blue staff member) in the Thai Luang cave rescue of those 12 boys and their coach back in July 2018. 

And in true Big Blue tradition, when we heard there was to be a Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA) course, which focuses on stabilization of the casualty, through to the skills required for prolonged field care until the arrival of the emergency services, we sent 3 of our staff to participate in training. They learned how to render definitive care, and if the treatment is in their scope, they are able to administer it completely. If the patient needs to get to a hospital, the medic can stabilize and render lifesaving aid. So in addition to bringing invaluable skills to Big Blue Diving, our in-house trained medics will also be a massive benefit to the community of Koh Tao as well.

What else do we do?

Big Blue Tech was started in 2007 and is the longest established technical diving center in Thailand. Our Tech Manager, Andy Campbell, is a Twin Tank, Rebreather, Sidemount, and TDI Instructor Trainer and has been honored with the TDI award for most certifications in tech diving for the past 3 years.
Big Blue Pro led by Instructor Trainer, Simon Garrity, has certified more SSI Instructors and Divemasters than anyone else in the world and is responsible for training most of the International Team at SSI as well. Together with his team at Big Blue Pro, he is responsible for having certified over 10,000 diving professionals.

Big Blue Freediving, established in 2013, was the first SSI Freediving center on Koh Tao.  It was set up by the then Brazilian women's Freediving champion and the men's Spanish champion.  Their crowning achievements were descending to 100 meters on just one single breath.

Big Blue Movies has been in operation for 5 years and is responsible for training aspiring photographers and cinematographers. Our in-house Spielberg’s and James Cameron’s are then tasked with filming the final dives of our open water courses, our full-day trips, and our try divers as well as updating all our social media outlets with awesome underwater content.

Our clothing line and retail outlet at the Drift store is located on Koh Tao’s busiest high street in Sairee Village. At Drift we design our own t-shirts, shorts, and bikinis and sell all the scuba paraphernalia you could ever want. We are also Koh Tao’s premier retailer for Go Pro cameras and accessories, and the leading dealer in Suunto computers and Feel Free Drybags.
Tech Diving Thailand

Our Boats

We have three shuttle boats to ferry you out directly from our beachfront resort to one of our four dive boats. 

Our dive boats, Banzai, Waverunner and Enzo, are all purpose-built dive boats.  None of this converted fishing boat nonsense.  That means each of these boats have a dive deck, a dry deck, and often a top sun deck.  The dive deck on each boat has tank spaces for over 80 tanks but only has a maximum space for 50 divers so there is plenty of room for cat swinging if that’s what grabs your fancy. Each boat also holds 2 Bauer Mariner 250 Compressors that can supply all the air we need to make sure your tanks are always full, and our staff can avoid all the back-breaking labour of lugging tanks back and forward from the beach to the boat every day. Then the dry deck is furnished with tables and benches for relaxing, chatting, and dive briefings. This also means you have space to sit properly and eat your Thai buffet banquet on our Full Day Trips. Then, on Banzai and Enzo, there is the sun deck on the roof, above the Captain's cabin for all you sun worshippers out there. Each boat also has 2 boat crew in addition to the captain to help you get in and out of the water.  And if you need it, they can also help you get in and out of your equipment.  

Our fourth boat, Big Blue, is a smaller boat with a maximum capacity of 12 divers and is dedicated to our technical diving team and our freediving team.  We’ve had her since we opened back in the day and still have the same captain who has been with us since he was 16 years old back in 1991. Run by our Tech Manager, Big Blue has the freedom to go to whatever dive site it wants.  Which means it can avoid the busy dive sites and take you out for some peaceful diving away from crowds of other divers.
Big Blue's Boats

Our Equipment

As one of the highest scuba certifying dive centers in the world with an equally large operation on the west coast of Thailand specializing in Liveaboards to the Similan and Surin Islands, every scuba retailer or manufacturer out there would love an exclusive deal with Big Blue Diving.  We've been offered a number of extremely attractive deals but we aren't in this for them! We’re doing this for us and for you!  We choose the equipment we feel is the best for the conditions we are presented with here in Thailand. 

We choose to use Aqualung BCD’s and Aqualung regulators, though we also hold a selection of ScubaPro BCD’s whose durability and shelf life are unsurpassed in our experience. We use Mares and Technisub fins and masks, and we purchase all our wetsuits here in Thailand to help the local economy. 

We employ a four-person team to maintain, clean, and store our equipment, all of whom are fully certified Mares and Aqualung Service Technicians. We have a compressor room with a Bauer K14 Industrial compressor to service all our tanks on land especially for the confined water sessions we hold every day in our purpose-built swimming pool. We also operate our Nitrox membrane system from here and rent Nitrox out to most other dive centers on the island who aren’t anywhere near as good at doing what we do! On our boats, we have 2 Bauer Mariner 250 Liter compressors which are sturdy, durable, with easily replaceable parts, quieter than other compressors, and most importantly can pump tanks quicker than any other compressor. By having our compressors on the boats we guarantee you a 200Bar tank full of air. No chance of restricting your dive time due to lack of air!