Eco Internships - 2 Weeks

Cost:  20,000 Thb

Learn and gain experience in the world of marine conservation with our two-week program.

The internship starts with an introduction into marine ecology and marine conservation with the SSI Marine ecology course. This three and a half-day course will cover such topics as:

  • Ocean Environments
  • Coral Reefs
  • State of coral reefs
  • Conservation methodology
  • Ecological principles

This course will have classroom presentations, combined with a total of 5 dives that will focus on identification skills, survey skills, and advanced buoyancy skills.

Additional dives during the first week will also include:

  • Marine animal observation night dive
  • Practice survey dive
  • Artificial reef introduction dive
  • Artificial reef maintenance dive

Starting the second week you will then start learning:

  • Advanced surveying techniques and observations
  • Identification skills of coral health, the skills for
  • Coral transplantation and,
  • Advanced coral restoration work

The second week will also include the completion of the SSI Shark Ecology course, learning about one of the ocean's most important predators.

Dive equipment rental, boat and tank fees, course certification fee, and eco pack cost are all included in the main cost for the program.

Accommodation, food, travel, and airfare are not included in the program cost. 

To participate in any of our ecology courses/programs you must be an advanced diver or higher and have had diving experience within the last 6 months.

For more information on this program or any of our longer programs please don’t hesitate to contact us