Eco Internships - 4 Weeks

Saving the oceans can be so rewarding, and joining us for a 4 week internship is exactly what you’ll be doing everyday.

By far our most popular program, the 4 week internships gives you the opportunity to learn and then practise the skills you  have learned on a regualr basis. By staying with us longer you can become more aware of global threats to the reefs and what can be done to help. You will be helping with conservation projects on the island and learn valuable skills that will aid you with any further marine, or conservation based work you will do.

Starting  the first week with an introduction in to Marine ecology and marine conservation with the SSI Marine ecology course. This 3.5 day course will cover such topics as:

  • Ocean Environments.
  • Coral Reefs.
  • State of coral reefs.
  • Conservation methology.
  • Ecological principles


This course will have classroom presentations, combined with a total of 5 dives. That will focus on Identification skills, survey skills, and advanced buoyancy skills.

Additional dives during the first week will also include:

  • Marine animal observation night dive.
  • Practise survey dive.
  • Artificial reef introduction dive.
  • Artificial reef maintenance dive.


Starting the second week you will then look in to more

  • Advanced surveying techniques and observations
  • Identification skills of coral health, the skills for
  • Coral transplantation and
  • Advanced coral restoration work.


The second week will also include the completeion of the SSI Shark ecology course, learning about one of the oceans most important predators.


As you progress on to the 3rd week, it’s time more training. Where students will have the option to partake in two of the following speciality training courses:

  • Deep Diver
  • Nitrox Diver
  • Sea Turtle Ecology
  • Coral ID
  • Fish ID
  • Research Diver


The 3rd week will also include more dives on the local house reef, and more survey dives.

The final week of the internship will be project week, having the opportunity to complete a project of your choice. Whether it be organising a fundraiser, creating an educational video or poster, you will have the support of our training staff in helping construct your own conservation legacy.


Program cost: 33,000 Thb


Included in the program cost:

  • Dive equipment rental.
  • Boat and tank fees.
  • Course certification fees
  • Eco pack.
  • 10% discount in the restaurant.
  • 10% discount on selected items at our retail store.
  • Free training dives with other professional trainee divers.


Not included in the program cost would be accommodation, food, travel or airfare.


To participate in any of our Ecology courses/programs you must be at the level of advanced diver or higher, and had diving experience within the last 6 months.


Please note that to participate in the 4 week program each student must have their own personal dive computer for the duration of their stay, and that this will not be part of the equipement included in the free rental. This is for the safety of the student, as during the 4 week program a participant can exceed 40 dives.


For more information on this program or longer programs please don’t hesitate to contact us.